Absorbent Cotton Roll

Also known as Surgical Cotton or Absorbent Cotton Wool is widely consumed for medical and cosmetic applications. The fully automated state of the art bleaching line ensures superior quality product in terms of whiteness and industry leading absorbency standards.

Every batch is thoroughly tested at the in house laboratory at various stages of the manufacturing process to ensure timely detection of any deviation in quality. Reports from government approved laboratories and nominated laboratories are also provided as maybe demanded from different institutions or as per standards in different countries.

Special Features

  • Absorbency time very low
  • Consistent layer
  • Even edges
  • No loose fibres
  • Free of foreign particle
  • Whiteness higher than 85%. (Higher whiteness product could be supplied as per requirement)


15 gram – 2000 gram (2Kg).


Sizes below 100 grams are available in blister packing. Specially designed attractive packing for Pharmacy stores and retail Chains. For all other sizes individual rolls are packed in polybags or paper wraps depending on buyer preference.


Export standard carton or non woven water proof bag as per requirement.

Specification Unit Packaging (Qty in Rolls/Bale)
15 gm Net / 20 gm Gross Individual Rolls (1X16/Bag) 960
20 gm Net / 25 gm Gross Individual Rolls (1X16/Bag) 960
25 gm Net / 30 gm Gross Individual Rolls (1X8/Bag) 600
30 gm Net / 35 gm Gross Individual Rolls (1X8/Bag) 600
50 gm Net Individual Rolls (1X4 Bag) 400
100 gm Net Individual Rolls (1X4/Bag) 240
150 gm Net / 200 gm Gross Individual Rolls 140
200 gm Net Individual Rolls 140
300 gm Net Individual Rolls 100
300 gm Net / 400 gm Gross Individual Rolls 80
400 gm Net Individual Rolls 80
400 gm Net / 500 gm Gross Individual Rolls 70
500 gm Net Individual Rolls 60
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