Latex Examination Gloves Handy Pack


Our Latex Examination Gloves features a micro textured finish for better grip. This glove is made from natural rubber latex for superior hand barrier protection and is powdered with absorbable dusting powder, U.S.P. These gloves are manufactured to provide unparalleled fit.

Latex Examination Gloves Personal Handy Pack of 20 Gloves to be carried in car or purse to ensure personal hygiene during and after lockdown

Why Choose Latex ?

  • Easy to use
  • Safe handling of instruments
  • Protection from infections
Specification Unit Packaging
Extra Small 20  pcs / box 20  boxes / carton
Medium 20 pcs / box 20  boxes / carton
Large 20 pcs / box 20  boxes / carton
Extra Large 20 pcs / box 20  boxes / carton
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