Cotton Products are highly absorbent, made from natural organic Indian cotton. Carefully processed to ensure that the natural fibre is free from impurities like seeds, leaf residues, dust and other foreign particles. Suitable for cleaning / swabbing of wounds and medication to wounds. Used in hospitals, first aid, baby care, female care, beauty care & cosmetic.

Zig Zag Cotton

This product has multiple applications in surgical dressings, orthopaedic and cosmetics. The product is longer than other cotton products and this makes it a ideal product for specific applications.

  • Low absorbency time.
  • Long Length from 8 – 12 meters.
  • Even pleats.
  • Even edges.
  • No loose fibres.
  • Free of foreign particle.
  • Whiteness higher than 85%.
Weights : 50 Gram – 500 Gram
Packing :  Polybags
Sterility :   Pleates
Colour : White
Disposable : Yes
Biodegradable : Yes
Product Specification Unit Packaging
Zig Zag Cotton 100 Grams Net Packet 200/Bale
200 Grams Net Packet 100/Bale
300 Grams Net Packet    80/Bale
400 Grams Net Packet   60/Bale
500 Grams Net Packet   50/Bale