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How to prevent Arthritis? Know 5 expert tips

Internal ailments are troublesome, especially if they are related to constant pain. Technically speaking arthritis is a broad term covering a host of various joint-related issues. It is one such condition that is caused due to wearing off of the cartilage in the joints. It causes swelling, aching and pain in the joints. Amongst the various categories of arthritis, the most common one is osteoarthritis followed by rheumatoid arthritis.

According to medical reports, arthritis is more common in women than men owing to an already less amount of cartilage tissue. In the latter, a knee replacement surgery is the most common one. However, according to experts, one can follow certain steps to prevent arthritis. Here are 5 expert tips to prevent arthritis:

  1. Know the symptoms of arthritis: Arthritis can develop due to a lot of factors starting from any injury to genetic issues. Once one is aware of the causes, required care and optimum attention to prevent the development of symptoms can be taken. One must also be aware of family history and take precautions accordingly.
  2. Maintain right body weight: Your body weight decides the amount of pressure on your weight-bearing joints. Obesity puts that extra pressure on the joints causing untimely wearing off. Ensure a healthy lifestyle and fibrous food to maintain the desired body weight. It will reduce the stress on the joints and help you prevent arthritis.
  3. Exercise: Activities that can make your health are crucial, in general. Exercising regularly can help your joints stay in order too. The only word of caution could be either over-exercising or involving in activities that are not joint-friendly. Yes, there are exercises that trouble the joints and deteriorate the cartilage. Avoid such exercises to keep your joints healthy and prevent cartilages to wear off untimely.
  4. Improving lifestyle: Lifestyle changes can aid significantly in improving your health, in general. It also affects one’s knees. In terms of lifting weight, try to use your leg to push or pull instead of your hand. This will help you shift the load from your weight-bearing joints.
  5. Eat and drink healthy: Eating nutrient-rich foods and drinking plenty of fluids can help one to stay healthy. A healthy body can prevent so many ailments and recover one’s pains smoothly. Especially vitamin D is quite useful when it comes to bone-related pains and disorders.

One’s body requires regular maintenance just like any other machine. There are a certain set of rules that have stayed true until today’s uncertain and evolved times. These were the 5 expert tips that can help you prevent arthritis. Usually, people follow multiple ways to prevent arthritis or at least limit the pain. Else, proper medication coupled with a healthy diet and exercise can woo away arthritis pain.

A point to remember while reading any health advice online is that the tips are catered towards a wide and general audience. Please take your doctor’s or physician’s counsel if you face any specific pain or problem for correct and more effective treatment.

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