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Cannula Fixator

We offer Cannula Fixator which is made up of elastic adhesive bandage. Cannula Fixator is designed to strengthen the IV cannula on the body at the time of dripping and injecting medicines. The use of Cannula Fixator results in lesser pain and easy insulation.


  • Painless removal.
  • No irritation.
  • Stretches with body movements.
  • With extra strip for additional adhesion.
  • Allows air and humidity to pass freely.
  • Non-allergic adhesive with paper liner for easy removal.


Weights : 4.5cm.
Length : 6 Cm.
Colour : Skin
Material : Elastic Adhesive Bandage


Product Specification Unit Packaging
Cannula Fixator 4.5 cm X 6 cm 100 Pieces/ Box 20 Box / Carton
Cannula Fixator (Plastic Jar) 4.5 cm X 6 cm 200 Pieces/ Jar 12 Jar / Carton


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