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Combine Dressing

The term combine dressing is used to refer to a type of first aid pad used to dress and treat wounds. Our Dressings that consist of a highly absorbent layer of cotton enclosed in a soft and comfortable non-woven covering fabric with soft end seals. It comes with a X ray detectable line for patient safety.

The combine dressing is used to pack large bleeding wounds. The pads have soft end seals to prevent pressure areas from forming.


  • Sterile Indicators on pouches for guaranteed sterility.
  • Free from optical whiteners and foreign matter.
  • Soft & skin friendly.
  • Ensures high absorbency without wound coming in contact with fibres.


Width : 10 cm & 15 cm.
Length : 10 cm – 20 cm.
Variations : Plain & X-Ray Detectable.
Packing : Sterile Indicator Pouches & Bulk.
Sterility : Sterile & Unsterile.
Colour : White.
Disposable : Yes
Biodegradable : Yes


Product Specification Unit Packaging
Combined Dressing Pad 10 cm X 10 cm 50Piece/Bag 20Bag/Carton
10 cm X 20 cm 25Piece/Bag 20Bag/Carton
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