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Latex Examination Gloves

Our latex examination gloves are the most elastic, resilient and form fitting material for gloves. This gives the wearer a great deal of dexterity, tactility, and comfort making these gloves perfect for medical, applications of the most common glove materials, latex offers the most effective protection against bacteria, viruses, and body fluids. The powder inside latex gloves is corn starch based and used for easily slipping the gloves on your hands


  • Prevents cross contamination in medical facilities.
  • Enhances grip and touch sensitivity.
  • Durable, flexible, and comfortable to wear.


Colour : Pale White
Length : 240MM
Packing : 20s & 100s
AQL : 1.5


Product Specification Unit Packaging
Examination Gloves Latex Powdered XS, S, M, L 100 Pieces in a Box 20 Boxes/Carton
Latex Powdered XS, S, M, L   20  Pieces in a Box 50 Boxes/Carton
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