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Our underpads are super absorbent and designed to protect the mattress from urine or other liquid spills. Underpads have become the standard in long term care facilities and hospitals to protect mattresses and furniture from urine damage and reduce linen laundry.

While Underpads were designed to be used for adult incontinence, innovators have found alternative uses in pet care, food industry and various other industries.


  • Soft Upper layer helps in avoiding bed sore.
  • Absorbency evenly spread across the pad.
  • Embossed back sheets avoid skidding of pads.


Size : 45 cm X 60 cm, 60 cm X 60 cm, 60 cm X 90 cm
Colour : Blue.
Absorption : Economy & Premium.
Packs : 10s and Singles



Product Specification Unit Packaging
Underpads 60cm X 90cm 10 Pieces/Bag 20 Bag/Bale
60cm X 90cm (Premium) 10 Pieces/Bag 12 Bag/Carton
60cm X 90cm Individually Packed 140 Packet/Bale
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