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Zig Zag Cotton

This product has multiple applications in surgical dressings, orthopaedic and cosmetics. The product is longer than other cotton products and this makes it a ideal product for specific applications.


  • Low absorbency time.
  • Long Length from 8 – 12 meters.
  • Even pleats.
  • Even edges.
  • No loose fibres.
  • Free of foreign particle.
  • Whiteness higher than 85%.


Weights : 50 Gram – 500 Gram
Packing :  Polybags
Sterility :   Pleates
Colour : White
Disposable : Yes
Biodegradable : Yes


Product Specification Unit Packaging
Zig Zag Cotton 100 Grams Net Packet 200/Bale
200 Grams Net Packet 100/Bale
300 Grams Net Packet    80/Bale
400 Grams Net Packet   60/Bale
500 Grams Net Packet   50/Bale
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